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Top of the Lake


This impressive five-bedroom home spans across two stunning sections on top of Queenstown Hill with panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu crowned by the striking ruggedness of the surrounding mountains.


Using a mixture of natural materials such as cedar, schist and bluestone in traditional and dramatic ways, this multi-award-winning home offers a wonderful flow incorporating spacious glazed corridors, hidden courtyards, a majestic living room and a stunning kitchen with dark oak joinery and honed basalt tops.

“Trinity’s ability to manage and adapt to constant change throughout the build allowed details to be refined to an almost perfect house. The house won the Southern Local Master Builders Supreme Award to which we are very proud.”

Our role

+ Development Management
+ Construction

Project specifications

Residential / 685m²


Queenstown Hill, Queenstown


Mason & Wales


• 2017 NZ Registered Master
   Builders ‘House of the Year’
   Gold Award
• 2017 NZ Registered Master
   Builders Category Award
• 2017 NZ Registered Master
   Builders Local Supreme Award

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